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The Biennale Giardini and the National Pavillions

The Giardini gardens hidden on the eastern outskirts of Venice are where the Biennale was born. This tranquil park offers an oasis of possibility where the international world of art encounters the past in the present.

Green lush trees line the wide pedestrian dirt pathways that meander through shady tunnels filled with the sounds of birds and breezes. The expanse of the lagoon offers distant views where your eyes can wander the horizon. A garden oasis from the confusion of the crowded waterways and claustrophobic alleys of the city, the Giardini offers not only one of the most “natural” excursions in Venice — it also has been the center for one of the largest contemporary art exhibitions in the world since 1895.

Giardini della Biennale

View of the Giardini della Biennale from the Venice lagoon

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Venice Biennale: Contemporary Art as Experience

biennale logoAnd if Venice isn’t disorienting enough, there’s always the Venice Biennale waiting to transport you to an alternate reality every two years.

An international contemporary art extravaganza for the senses, the Venice Biennale fits right in with the disorientation provoked by the city itself.

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Venice as Performance

Venice canal

Venice is disorienting and of course, it’s sinking.

Venice requires you to give in to a state of being temporarily always lost — lost in a maze of water and bridges, not to mention literary and historical references.

It’s virtually impossible to resist, even for the most experienced of travelers. The number of famous artists, authors, musicians, and actors who have been inspired by the city’s foreboding beauty while wandering its narrow streets is too exhaustive to list. Venice is never just a backdrop, it is always part of the story itself.

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