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Truth, not a stranger to fiction

There’s a lot of misinformation being perpetuated and a lack of empirical evidence to back it up.  Such is life for the last thousands of years ad infinitum.

truth vs fiction

T-Rex vs Bigfoot, “Unknown Island,” 1948

But the fact of the matter is that we’re encountering increasing grey zones of truth as media and the viral world lead us into an exhaustion of information and confusion.

The Washington Post recently reported that our old friend Google has developed technology that can rank the “truthfulness” of information on the web.

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Tech Panopticons

panopticon imageOpen office spaces are the industry standard in the tech world

We’ve all seen the layout and heard the rundown :

Walls of glass symbolize increasing transparency of values and business models.  The inner workings of the tech scene on constant display. Open-concept layouts foster greater collaboration and  accessibility. Everyone is on an equal playing field and creative karma flows freely throughout one large room. Work becomes equated with play…

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Coding with my grandma

yes, that's my grandma getting out of a DeLorean...already ahead of the React craze..

My grandma climbing out of a DeLorean, circa 1986, years ahead of the ReactJS craze

Folks called her the “Waco flash” — her bright outfits lit under the Texas sun all colors of the rainbow.

“Pretty is as pretty does” her mantra for each day. A photographic memory for poetry, proper grammar of the highest order, and etiquette of the third degree. World traveler bar none. Master bridge player, crocheter of afghans, fashion designer — my grandmother was all of these things and of course, much much more.

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the Space Oddity of APIs

“Ground Control to Major Tom…”

API Space Oddity

“Can You Hear Me, Major Tom?”

Can’t help but have David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” stuck in my head over the past week. Been having lots of fun calling an API and playing with the returned data in my app. It’s a whole new world where I can apply and grow my JavaScript skills to display all kinds of information flowing through the inter-webs.


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Feminism & creation of knowledge on the web

Much like the famed Encyclopedia Britannica of yesteryear, our 21st century web encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is comprised of entries written primarily by men.

Encyclopedia Britannica 1913, feminism entry not included

According to a 2010 survey, only 13% of Wikipedia contributors are women. This means that the majority of information used for references in paper writing, truth disputes, or simply as a means of discovering new ideas is in the hands of only half the population. Where is the promise of feminism and hope for an increasingly egalitarian web?

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Women in tech — more than a number

women in tech visibility

You hear it everywhere, “We need more women in tech, where are the WOMEN?!”!

It’s true — as of 2013, women occupy only 26 % of computing jobs in the tech industry. There is no doubt that women should play an increasingly significant role in one of the fastest growing and most lucrative industries for the foreseeable future. Web development careers are predicted to have a growth rate of 20%  and higher over the next 15 to 20 years.

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