As a freelance and licensing artist with a focus on home decor and textiles, I love creating art and surface designs that are woven into the experiences of everyday life.

My recent work focuses on collage illustration as a distinct style in home interiors & surface design. I source my digital images through public domain archives and then illustrate and collage to create dreamy landscapes, abstracts and portraits perfect for walls and textiles. My passion for color and pattern is rooted in the belief that art helps us recognize ourselves more fully in the everyday moment.

I live in the forests of Chapel Hill, North Carolina — two hours from the beach and three hours from the mountains. Vintage aesthetics and the bold colors and shapes found in nature are a constant source of inspiration for me.  I enjoy exploring nature with my family, listening to psychedelic music, watching art documentaries and reading memoirs.

Contact me to get started on your next project! I can’t wait to see what beauty we can create together.

Artist Statement

I am a visual storyteller who creates artworks about transformation and change. I believe in the power of art to imagine new possibilities, evoke nostalgia, and connect to dreams that we pursue individually and share collectively. 

Many of my visual stories begin with vintage natural science public domain images that I transform using illustration, texture and pattern. These in turn inspire many of my surface pattern collections.

I want my art to engage people to look more closely at the world around them; to notice the possibility inherent in new combinations of the seemingly smallest of things. Pattern design and collage hold that in common. It’s by piecing small often seemingly random bits together that a composition takes shape and reveals new meaning.